At Volvo of Tulsa, we're all aware of how Volvo is continuously is leading the way in innovation and one area where they have been is self-driving technology. Volvo has plans to see self-driving vehicles hit showrooms like ours in 2021, and they are already testing many of these features in their home base of Sweden. We also get to experience some of them through semi-autonomous functions and safety features in our current Volvo lineup, but recently, Volvo announced a deal with a processer that is going to help aid in adding smarts to its self-driving cars.

Chip maker Nvidia and Volvo announced they were entering a partnership to aid in pushing self-driving vehicle technology forward. With this, it means that now Volvo is looking to put together full and concreate plans on how to deliver on a fully autonomous vehicle, as we're advancing past the research and development phase and into a phase that makes this vehicle a reality. It means that the pilot programs in Sweden have been doing well, and perhaps soon we're going to begin seeing and learning about different features for these vehicles, and before you know it, there will be concepts and full vehicles ready.

It's an exciting future ahead of us. There's also an exciting present with the standout collection of new Volvo vehicles available here in our Tulsa, OK showroom. You can stop in and learn more as we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and discuss vehicles in further detail.

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