As any Volvo driver can tell you, everything about Volvo just works. Everything in is in the right place and works in perfect sync with everything else. It's no wonder that Volvo so identifies with the Android operating system. Volvo is partnering with Google to help deliver the ideal infotainment system in all of its future vehicles. Volvo knows how to make a great car, and Google knows how to make a great OS; this is a winning combination.

Volvo is working together with Google to deliver an even more convenient infotainment system. Future infotainment systems will have hundreds of potential apps, and will be simple to navigate. The Volvo infotainment interface will remain, as it has been proven to work well, and Volvo doesn't want to alienate current customers by changing it when there is no need. However, while it will still look the same, future versions will be even more capable. Don't get excited about playing Angry Birds while driving though. The apps need to be auto certified first, which we're okay with, because playing Angry Birds while driving sounds like a terrible idea.

Just as Volvo continues to push the auto envelope, Google and Android push the digital one. A partnership between the two is a match made in heaven, and we can't wait to see what comes next.


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