At Volvo, the engineers who design and build our vehicles are constantly innovating and creating exciting new features to make your time in your vehicle more enjoyable. The CleanZone Interior Air Quality System is a great example of the product of that research and development. Air pollution is a global issue that affects the quality of the air we breathe; some of us don't notice changes in air quality, but individuals with breathing issues or asthma are sensitive and can be affected by air pollution. That's why Volvo developed CleanZone; this package of features ensures that you have healthy, high-quality air inside your Volvo. This incredible technology actually monitors the incoming air for unsafe particles or substances in the incoming air, and then actively protects the passengers in the car from this harmful air. The system works with a series of filters that can absorb odors, gasses, and air particles such as pollen; it also uses a special sensor that can detect dangerous substances such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. For example, if you're traveling through a tunnel and the system perceives a high level of exhaust fumes, the car will intuitively close the exterior air intakes and automatically switch to air recirculation. When the sensors detect clean exterior air again, they automatically open and allow fresh air to circulate in the cabin. CleanZone is a great feature for drivers with small children or elderly passengers or anyone who just wants to ensure that the air they breathe is always fresh and clean. Visit the showroom at Volvo Cars of Tulsa to learn more about this important feature and to explore our inventory of new Volvo models.
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