With Accelerate, Buying Your New Volvo in Tulsa Just Got Easier

As the world begins to move further and further into an internet-based system, car buying has remained relatively stagnant. Sure, you could get trade in values and financing pre-approval online, but actually choosing the perfect model and arranging to make a purchase before you even left the comfort of your home was never possible. That is, before now. At Volvo Cars of Tulsa we offer a full suite of digital retailing tools called Accelerate My Deal, that will help you craft your new car purchase from tip to tail, making it easier than ever to buy a new Volvo.

How it Works

When you browse our website and find your perfect new or pre-owned Volvo model, you can begin the purchasing process right then and there. From here you can choose to schedule a test drive, but if you don’t feel the need to, you can begin calculating your payments right away. Compare monthly financing and lease options to determine the best fit for your needs and budget and figure out if you qualify for any special rebates or finance offers. You can even add in any down payment funds you plan to bring to the table and know right away what you can expect to spend per month for your new or pre-owned Volvo

Next, get an up-front estimate on the trade value for your vehicle and add that to your down payment amount to get your final monthly payment estimate. This instant offer process will have you input a range of information about your current vehicle, and it’s powered by Kelley Blue Book to ensure up-to-date accuracy for a quote you can be confident in.

Now that you know what to expect from a monthly payment, you can apply for credit online and be well on your way to owning your new or pre-owned Volvo before you even leave for our dealership.

Jump Start Your Car Buying Process Today!

Take advantage of our online car buying process and start crafting your new or pre-owned Volvo sale today! Save yourself hours of time at our dealership by getting a head start on all of the most important paperwork so you can show up, finish the deal, and drive away as quickly as possible.

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