The 2018 Volvo XC40 - Three Things to Know About the Latest Crossover from Volvo


With a worldwide reputation for high-quality, stellar safety equipment, and hard-to-beat style, Volvo has been making the cars and SUV crossovers drivers in the Tulsa area have been choosing for a long time. So, when they release a new model, we here at Volvo of Tulsa stand up and take notice.

The compact 2018 Volvo XC40 is small, but it packs a lot of personality, style, and technology in its compact frame. We're still waiting to get some in stock on our Tulsa lot, so that we can introduce you in person. But, here are three things we've learned about this exciting model, that we think our Oklahoma customers will appreciate:

  1. Size and drivability. This Volvo may be an SUV-style model, with high ground clearance and elevated driver's seat to match, but, it's also a small vehicle designed to drive like a car. This makes maneuvering through Tulsa traffic, and parking in any sized space, a breeze.
  2. Technology. As a Volvo, we expect this model to have tremendous tech and safety features, and, from what we've seen so far, we will not be disappointed. Smart infotainment and connectivity technology, premium audio system, and comprehensive parking camera systems are all on the roster as available features for the Volvo XC40, as well as a number of other convenience and safety-minded amenities.
  3. Storage solutions. As drivers of other compact and subcompact crossovers will tell you, finding places to store all of your stuff can sometimes be a challenge. Not with the Volvo XC40 though. In fact, the cargo area of this model can accommodate more than 47 cubic feet of gear, which is unheard of in most small crossovers or cars. The carmaker has also gone above and beyond to find clever, hidden storage solutions, so that, not only will you have somewhere to put your stuff, it will also be safe while it's stored there. Other storage solutions include a covered bin in the floor of the rear cargo hold, as well as a pull-out storage drawer under the front seat.

To learn more about this new Volvo crossover, and to find out how to get one of your own in the Tulsa area, stop by and visit us on South Memorial Drive in Tulsa. Our team of Volvo sales experts can answer all of your questions, and tell you more about the 2018 Volvo XC40.

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