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As the temperatures cool and the threat of winter weather descends, it's important to make sure your Volvo has the right tires for coping with the upcoming winter season. Having a good set of winter tires offers superior traction and helps make your Volvo as safe as it can be, even when the roads are less than ideal.


Volvo Cars of Tulsa Tulsa OK

You might be wondering why or how winter tires make a difference when it comes to the handling of snowy or icy roads. Simply put, all-season tires may offer some level of traction in inclement winter weather, but their all-around nature means that they are compromised when deep snow, ice, or extreme cold descend.

Winter tires are specially designed to help your Volvo bite into slippery surfaces and give you grip in the most adverse conditions. Special tread blocks and directional sipes provide superior grabbing power on snow and ice to give you the traction you need to feel confident in winter weather.

Furthermore, winter tires are usually made of softer rubber than summer or all-season tires, so they offer superior grip at lower temperatures.


Volvo Cars of Tulsa Tulsa OK

To get the most out of your winter tires, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, make sure your Volvo has a properly aligned suspension. A suspension that is out of alignment can cause premature or uneven tire wear and drastically shorten the life of the set.

Secondly, always ensure you are maintaining proper tire pressure in all four tires. Over- or under-inflated tires can also cause rapid or uneven wear, and will also result in unpredictable handling.

Finally, when the temperatures begin to rise and the threat of winter weather fades, be ready to switch your winter tires out for set of summer or all-season tires. Your winter tires will wear quickly on warm, dry roads, and you won't be able to keep them for multiple seasons.


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