Don't Overlook a Retired Loaner Car in Your Search for the Perfect Volvo

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking for your next Volvo. Volvo Cars of Tulsa is guessing a former loaner car isn't among those things. Perhaps it should be. A loaner or demo car from Volvo Cars of Tulsa is a good bet, based on the condition and environment.

What exactly is a loaner car from Volvo Cars of Tulsa? The vehicles have been hand-picked by our staff and Volvo executives and driven in exclusive situations. Either by top Volvo brass when they visit our great city, or more selectively when customers, like yourself, need a car for an afternoon to get around Broken Arrow or Owasso, while waiting for work on their vehicle to be serviced. At the end of each use, each vehicle is meticulously inspected, inside and out, for damage, wear-and-tear or items that may not be working. Only then can they be returned to service.

Here is how a retired loaner can help you. You'll be saving money. The cars that participate in the loaner or demo program are generally some of the best new models we have on our lot. They also have very few miles on them. You can save thousands on a new car, just because it has a thousand or so miles on the odometer. It is like paying a used car price for a brand-new car.

So, what kind of cars can you expect to find among the loaner and demo selection at Volvo Cars Tulsa? Since our staff selected the car for the program, and sometimes even drive it themselves, they are typically the newest and most elegant models you'll find from Bixby to Jenks.

Our staff loves to represent the Volvo brand. You'll find sleek sedans, like the S60, stylish and sporty crossovers like the XC90 and family-friendly wagons, like the V90. Most of the models are brand-new, but occasionally you will find a hidden gem, looking for a new home.

When you start to crave a Volvo for your next vehicle, don't ignore the spectacular options in the loaner and demo section at Volvo Cars of Tulsa. You might just miss out on a tremendous opportunity.

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