The 2018 Volvo S90

2018 Volvo S90



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Scandinavian design, pure luxury and advanced technology. That's what defines the new Volvo S90. It's how the long wheelbase and low roofline combine to create a crisply sculpted, elegant exterior. It's a new panoramic moonroof that lets the light shine in. It's a serene cabin crafted from exceptional materials such as authentic crystal and Flame Birch Wood Inlay. It's an additional 4.5 inches of rear seat legroom that gives you extra stretching space. It's a chassis that delivers precise handling and welcome comfort. It's more standard safety features than the Audi A6, the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It's intuitive technology that's a seamless extension of you, at your fingertips. It's the distinctly Volvo features that anchor the S90 to its heritage while connecting it to the future.

2018 Volvo S90 Exterior


The chassis of your Volvo is designed to give you a smooth ride and sharp handling on all roads. The aluminum double wishbone front suspension provides perfectly balanced road holding and steering characteristics. The rear suspension in exclusive integral link design and a transverse light-weight leaf spring in composite material ensures superior comfort and excellent handling with neutrally balanced cornering characteristics. This Eight-speed Geartronic™ Automatic Transimssion ensures you're always in the right gear - whether it's for optimal engine response and driveability, or for a smooth driving experience with the highest fuel-efficiency. Whenever you're in the mood for dynamic driving, just shift to manual mode.

Instead of traditional springs, this technology is based on separate air chambers for each wheel. Controlled by a computerized compressor, each air chamber constantly adapts to the driving conditions. Together with our Four-C electronically-controlled damping system, this gives you unique opportunities to control and adapt the suspension according to your driving desires. To adapt the engine characteristics to your preferences or driving conditions, you can add a function that allows you to choose between different drive modes for the engine, transmission and the optional air-suspension - Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, Off road and Individual mode.

2018 Volvo S90 Performance


Hand-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel in uni-deco trim adds a satin silk frame to the wheel's boss and spokes. Distinctive zig-zag stitching adds to the finely crafted feel. This efficient, electronically controlled automatic system maintains your desired cabin temperature and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger side. -The automatic fan function can be set in five different levels. -Separate adjustable air vents in the roof pillars for the rear passengers. -Climate settings and functions are controlled from the front seats using the touch screen. -An efficient cabin filter helps keep the incoming air free from dust, pollen and other particles. Power adjustment for the driver's seat and door mirrors to attain your perfect position. Your Volvo then saves the settings. Every time you use your remote control for the central locking, the seat and door mirrors will automatically adjust to your preferences. You can save up to three different seat and door mirror settings by using the buttons on the seat.

The power lumbar support for the front seats adds to your long-distance comfort. It can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to make it easy to optimise the support to your preferences. The power lumbar support for the front seats adds to your long-distance comfort. It can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to make it easy to optimise the support to your preferences. Need a little help thawing out those cold winter mornings? Just push a button and warm your hands on our heated steering wheel. Positioned between the front seats, the stylish front center armrest emphasize the exclusive Scandinavian interior design with access to smart storage, two cupholders and a 12 volt power outlet. The armrest provides generous support for both the driver and front seat passenger, and folded up it displays a generous storage compartment underneath with AUX and USB inputs to connect your external devices.

2018 Volvo S90 Interior


The 12.3" driver display intuitively shows relevant driver information - including navigation directions, telephone and actual road signs. The display layout adapts to how you use it, and you have four graphic modes to choose from. Right in front of the driver, the display features two large round instruments and one central information display. If you use the navigation system, that display becomes bigger. To make it comfortable for your eyes, the driver display's brightness automatically adjusts to the exterior light. With our 360° camera you can see a virtual bird's eye view of the area surrounding your Volvo. A high-resolution image is shown in the center display and will be a great help for example when maneuvering or reversing in tight areas with impaired visibility - you can even see what's going around the corner at a 180° side view in front or at the rear of your car.

Volvo's Navigation provides intuitive guidance and connects seamlessly with our cloud-based services and navigation apps. It's conveniently operated using voice control or steering wheel controls. Road directions are shown in the driver display and center display. You have access to in-car apps as well. To help you avoid traffic, our Real Time Traffic Information gives you a clear view of alternative routes. Free map updates ensure an up-dated navigation experience. Adding the Volvo On Call app, you can send destinations from your smartphone to your car. It also allows you to sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system for guidance. To further improve your convenience when reversing, the Park Assist Camera helps display what's going on behind your car. The system uses the integrated driver's information screen and a digital camera discretely located over the license plate. On-screen guiding lines provide extra assistance for smooth parking.

2018 Volvo S90 Features


From the company that gives you more safety features than any other brand, the S90 is infused with smart, intuitive innovations. Standard City Safety auto-braking technology helps protect you and those around you. If a collision is imminent ahead, it will brake automatically, reducing impact - or preventing it altogether when you're driving at speeds of 31 mph or less. Honored for its safety, the S90 has been named a 2017 Top Safety Pick by earning the highest rating in the five crashworthiness tests and a superior rating for front crash prevention. Pilot Assist provides gentle steering support to help you keep the car within the lane markings while helping you keep your set speed and distance to the vehicle in front of you. Steering support is initiated as soon as Pilot Assist detects the lane markings on both sides of the lane. Pilot Assist steering support is active from standstill up to legal highway speeds. When Adaptive Cruise Control detects a slower vehicle in front, the speed automatically adapts to that vehicle. If the vehicle in front slows down and stops, ACC will make the your vehicle stop comfortably behind it, and then keep the brakes engaged. The driver can adjust time gaps.

The driver's airbag also interacts with the deformation of the collapsible steering column. A camera looks at the road ahead while Driver Alert Control checks on your steering inputs to see how they compare to your regular driving style. If it senses that you're driving more erratically, or there are signs that you're drowsy or distracted, it'll give you an audible warning and a message on the instrument panel suggesting you take a break. Active at speeds over 40 mph. In a frontal offset collision, a side impact or a roll­over accident the Inflatable Curtain (IC) helps protect the heads of both front and rear passengers who are sitting on the sides. It also stays inflated for several seconds to provide prolonged protection in the event of secondary impacts. Our passenger compartment is reinforced with a great amount of one of the strongest steel types available - boron steel. In a collision, this steel helps to dissipate the energy of the crash to reduce the impact on those inside the car.

2018 Volvo S90 Safety

Make the most of every moment on the road. With new entertainment options and innovative features, the Volvo S90 is one of the most technologically advanced sedan's in its class. To see how the 2018 S90 performs on the road, stop by Volvo Cars of Tulsa for a test drive.

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