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Volvo Oil Changes

We all know that cars need oil to run, and that the oil needs to periodically be changed. However, not everyone knows the specifics. Why does your car need oil? What happens if you don't change the oil? What is the difference between natural and synthetic oil?

A car's engine is composed of many moving parts. As they move, they rub against each other, generating friction and heat. This would normally cause the parts to break down and for the engine to overheat. Oil lubricates the moving parts, reducing friction, and as it circulates, it takes away heat. Oil helps keep every part of the engine running smoothly. However, over time, the heat begins to break down the oil, and it starts to become less effective at what it does. Eventually it can even start to form a black sludge and clog up parts of your engine. Putting in fresh oil keeps everything running the way it should; it's also a lot easier and cheaper to change the oil than it is to repair the engine.

There are two different types of oil: natural and synthetic. Natural oil is exactly what it sounds like: regular oil. Synthetic oil is a bit different. Synthetic oil is formed in a lab, and is designed to give the best possible performance for your engine. It is filled with additives to increase its lifespan and performance. Synthetic oil flows better in low temperatures, protects better in high temperatures, and better protects your engine. However, as a tradeoff, it is more expensive than standard oil.

So when should you change your oil? Conventional wisdom used to be that you should change it every three months or 3,000 miles. However, times have changed, and so have engines. For many vehicles, it is best to change the oil every six months or 5,000 miles. However, it does vary from car to car, as well as your location and driving habits.

At Volvo Cars of Tulsa, our experts know everything there is to know about Volvo vehicles. If you can't remember the last time you changed your oil, or if you think the time might be coming up, let us help. We'll have you in and out of our service center before you know it. Just schedule an appointment, online, over the phone, or in person, and let us help you out. Your engine will thank you.

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