The 2018 Volvo V60

2018 Volvo V60



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From the moment you step into the V60, you'll experience a new kind of luxury. The meticulously crafted interior soothes you with soft leather comfort seats, satisfies you with a state-of-the-art infotainment system and appeals to your practical side with its load-carrying capabilities. The breathtaking design of the V60's dynamic exterior, featuring a contour on the shoulders and gleaming metal finishes, is designed for any type of adventure. The V60 also offers more standard luxury features than a BMW 330i Sport Wagon, including leather seats and navigation.

2018 Volvo V60 Exterior


The chassis of your Volvo is designed to give you a smooth ride and sharp handling on all roads. Multi-link rear suspension and McPherson spring strut front suspension mounted on a rigid body put you in command of the drive. The front and rear suspensions also interact to provide stable braking and crisp steering. In a curve, the rear wheels have a slight steering facility for added stability and steering response. The sport chassis allows you to enjoy the sharp response of quicker steering and a finely tuned chassis. Lower and firmer, this chassis features adjusted anti-roll bars and stiffer springs resulting in a sporty drive without compromising on comfort. The unique rear monotube dampers are designed to respond more quickly for improved body control in all conditions. Stiffer bushings together with a front strut brace that stiffen up the body structure further improve control and the car's road-hugging characteristics.

Allowing faster manual gear changes with the hands on the steering wheel, the gearshift paddles for the Geartronic™ automatic gearbox will add even more fun and control behind the steering wheel. While the steering assistance adjusts automatically depending on your car's speed, you can choose in the center display between three levels of overall steering feel and sensitivity - for low, medium or high steering assistance through the entire speed range. This Eight-speed Geartronic™ Automatic Transimssion ensures you're always in the right gear - whether it's for optimal engine response and driveability, or for a smooth driving experience with the highest fuel-efficiency. Whenever you're in the mood for dynamic driving, just shift to manual mode. The Start/Stop function helps reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the city. When you stop at a traffic light or in a traffic queue, the engine shuts off temporarily to eliminate idling and restarts instantly when you resume driving.

2018 Volvo V60 Performance


A three-spoked Charcoal leather steering wheel with sporty design. The steering wheel has an ergonomically designed steering wheel rim with clear thumb rests and a dynamic grip. The leather is exclusive and comfortable for the best possible feel. A decor panel in silk metal adds a high tech touch. This illuminated leather-clad gearshift knob is in total harmony with the rest of the interior, generating an exclusive, luxurious finish to the passenger compartment. Electronic Climate Control maintains the cabin temperature you choose and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger. And contributing to your health and comfort, the system helps ensure cabin air has an appropriate level of humidity. Essential for those early morning winter starts, you can set the heating to two positions using buttons on the center console. The power lumbar support for the front seats adds to your long-distance comfort. It can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically to make it easy to optimise the support to your preferences.

With this control you conveniently operate the audio system and phone functions while keeping your hands on the wheel. Adjust the volume, switch radio stations, change tracks and make or answer phone calls using the buttons or the intuitive scroll-wheel. Premium Sound by Harman Kardon with 12 loudspeakers provides a rich, clear and faithful sound across the entire frequency range of music - wherever you're seated. Dirac Live® optimizes the sound reproduction for an authentic live experience. The 5x130 W digital amplifier provides a dynamic sound for any music genres. And extending the low frequency sound range, the long-throw bass loudspeakers add a dimension to your music that you can actually feel with your body. USB connectivity, CD player and the Sensus Connect 7-inch multimedia display make your Volvo a connected infotainment hub. Apart from the possibility of streaming great music, Sensus Connect allows to stay connected to the world outside. It offers a host of convenient in-car apps for your entertainment, navigation, control, connectivity and service. And perhaps most of all: your Volvo is already today prepared for coming web and cloud based in-car infotainment functions..

2018 Volvo V60 Interior


With our high-resolution digital driver display you easily adapt the instrument layout and interface to your driving desires. You have three display modes to switch between - Elegance, Eco and Performance. With multiple folding configurations, you'll have plenty of room to accommodate your favorite items or haul cargo simply by folding down seats. To provide multiple load configurations with a flat load floor, the rear backrest is split three-ways in the proportions 40/20/40. If you need extra space for ski gear lowering the center section provides ample space for loading snowboards and skis, while still keeping the two most comfortable seats. What's more, the backrests and head restraints only take one step to fold. Start your Volvo with your remote control in your pocket. As long as your remote control is inside the car, you can start the engine simply by turning the start knob on the tunnel console while depressing the brake pedal.

Volvo's Navigation provides intuitive guidance and connects seamlessly with our cloud-based services and navigation apps. It's conveniently operated using voice control or steering wheel controls. Road directions are shown in the driver display and center display. You have access to in-car apps as well. To help you avoid traffic, our Real Time Traffic Information gives you a clear view of alternative routes. Free map updates ensure an up-dated navigation experience. Adding the Volvo On Call app, you can send destinations from your smartphone to your car. It also allows you to sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system for guidance. To further improve your convenience when reversing, the Park Assist Camera helps display what's going on behind your car. The system uses the integrated driver's information screen and a digital camera discretely located over the license plate. On-screen guiding lines provide extra assistance for smooth parking.

2018 Volvo V60 Features


From the company that gives you more safety features than any other brand, the V60 is infused with smart, intuitive innovations. Standard City Safety auto-braking technology helps protect you and those around you. If a collision is imminent ahead, it will brake automatically, reducing its impact - or preventing it altogether when you're driving at speeds of 31 mph or less. As the only premium European wagon to receive the IIHS 2017 Top Safety Pick + rating, the V60 (with the xenon headlamps) earned the highest rating in all of the IIHS tests and excelled in front crash prevention. Adaptive Cruise Control helps you keep a set speed or distance to the car in front. Just select desired speed and time gap to the vehicle in front, and enjoy smooth driving from standstill up to approved highway speeds. In stop-and-go city traffic, Queue Assist* helps you follow the vehicle ahead as it accelerates and slows down. On the highway, your speed automatically adapts to the slower moving vehicle to help you maintain a proper distance.

In a frontal collision, the driver and passenger airbags help protect your head, face and chest. The airbags adapt the level of inflation depending on the force of the impact. The driver's airbag also interacts with the deformation of the collapsible steering column. Active at speeds above 2.5 mph, our collision avoidance technology can give you audible and visible warnings if you're too close to a vehicle in front or if there are pedestrians or cyclists in your path. If you don't react and a collision is imminent, full auto-braking is engaged to help you avoid or mitigate an impact. The unique geometry of the frontal structure and longitudinal steel struts in the doors help disperse crash energy away from the front to the rear of the car, reducing impact effects on driver and passengers. Our passenger compartment is reinforced with a great amount of one of the strongest steel types available - boron steel. In a collision, this steel helps to dissipate the energy of the crash to reduce the impact on those inside the car.

2018 Volvo V60 Safety

Make the most of every moment on the road. With new entertainment options and innovative features, the Volvo V60 is one of the most technologically advanced sedan's in its class. To see how the 2018 V60 performs on the road, stop by Volvo Cars of Tulsa for a test drive.

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