The 2018 Volvo XC60

2018 Volvo XC60



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Agile, bold and intuitive, the all-new XC60 has been completely redesigned with you in mind. Get to know the car that introduces a new form of luxury, offering more standard safety, tech and comfort features than any car in its class - even the Audi Q5. The XC60 is fully equipped to go where you want, when you want. Watch our product demo to take a deeper look at the following features and more. Our power-operated panoramic roof adds a superb experience of airiness and light inside your Volvo. For ventilation, the front section opens or tilts at the push of a button. A power-operated sunshade in perforated textile reduces glare on sunny days. The sunshade also maintains the airy feel inside the cabin. Innovative design makes the Momentum grille appear to float inside the body opening in high gloss black with a glossy chrome frame. This lends a stylish touch that adds to the car's powerful, dynamic look.

2018 Volvo XC60 Exterior


The advanced AWD system with Instant Traction™ has an electronic management system that constantly monitors the speed of the wheels, the throttle, engine torque, engine speed and the brakes. As driving conditions change, wheels with the best grip get the most power. When a tire loses traction, power is reduced to that wheel and instantly transferred to the more sure-footed wheels. The chassis of your Volvo is designed to give you a dynamic yet relaxed ride; on the highway and on more challenging roads. High ground clearance further enhances your comfort and all-road capacity. The aluminum double wishbone front suspension provides perfectly balanced road holding and steering characteristics. The rear suspension in exclusive integral link design and a transverse light-weight leaf spring in composite material ensures superior comfort and excellent handling with neutrally balanced cornering characteristics.

This Eight-speed Geartronic™ Automatic Transimssion ensures you're always in the right gear - whether it's for optimal engine response and driveability, or for a smooth driving experience with the highest fuel-efficiency. Whenever you're in the mood for dynamic driving, just shift to manual mode. The Start/Stop function helps reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the city. When you stop at a traffic light or in a traffic queue, the engine shuts off temporarily to eliminate idling and restarts instantly when you resume driving. To adapt the engine characteristics to your preferences or driving conditions, you can add a function that allows you to choose between different drive modes for the engine, transmission and the optional air-suspension - Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, Off road and Individual mode.

2018 Volvo XC60 Performance


Hand-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel in uni-deco trim adds a satin silk frame to the wheel's boss and spokes. Distinctive zig-zag stitching adds to the finely crafted feel. Leather-clad gear knob is in total harmony with the rest of the interior, generating an exclusive, luxurious finish to the passenger compartment. The efficient, electronically controlled automatic system maintains your desired cabin temperature and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger side. -The automatic fan function can be set in five different levels. -Separate adjustable air vents in the roof pillars for the rear passengers. -Climate settings and functions are controlled from the front seats using the touch screen. -An efficient cabin filter helps keep the incoming air free from dust, pollen and other particles.

Created for the acoustics of your Volvo, our High Performance Audio System allows you and your passengers to enjoy a really crisp and natural sound. The tweeters, woofers and mid-range speakers are separated and interact to provide excellent sound reproduction. This powerful 330 watt audio system with ten speakers is conveniently operated via steering wheel buttons, or through the center display touch screen. The neatly integrated button controls in the steering wheel design let you control several functions like cruise control, phone, infotainment, trip computer and the driver information menu in the driver display - all without taking your hands off the wheel. You can also use voice control that is conveniently activated at the press of a steering wheel button. Power adjustment for the driver's seat and door mirrors to attain your perfect position. Your Volvo then saves the settings. Every time you use your remote control for the central locking, the seat and door mirrors will automatically adjust to your preferences. You can save up to three different seat and door mirror settings by using the buttons on the seat.

2018 Volvo XC60 Interior


With the full graphical digital driver display in front of you, all relevant driver information - including navigation directions, telephone and actual road signs - is intuitively displayed. The 8-inch display features one big central instrument that is surrounded by additional information displays. The 12.3" driver display intuitively shows relevant driver information - including navigation directions, telephone and actual road signs. The display layout adapts to how you use it, and you have four graphic modes to choose from. Right in front of the driver, the display features two large round instruments and one central information display. If you use the navigation system, that display becomes bigger. To make it comfortable for your eyes, the driver display's brightness automatically adjusts to the exterior light. With our 360° camera you can see a virtual bird's eye view of the area surrounding your Volvo. A high-resolution image is shown in the center display and will be a great help for example when maneuvering or reversing in tight areas with impaired visibility - you can even see what's going around the corner at a 180° side view in front or at the rear of your car.

Open your door and start your engine simply by keeping the remote in your pocket or purse. In addition to keyless entry and drive, the tailgate can be opened automatically in different ways: with the remote control, using the switch on the dashboard, by pressing the handle button or by easily sliding your foot under the rear area to activate the motion sensor. The power tailgate can also be programmed to open to a lower height than its maximum if you should park your car in a garage with limited roof height. Volvo's Navigation provides intuitive guidance and connects seamlessly with our cloud-based services and navigation apps. It's conveniently operated using voice control or steering wheel controls. Road directions are shown in the driver display and center display. You have access to in-car apps as well. To help you avoid traffic, our Real Time Traffic Information gives you a clear view of alternative routes. Free map updates ensure an up-dated navigation experience. Adding the Volvo On Call app, you can send destinations from your smartphone to your car. It also allows you to sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system for guidance.

2018 Volvo XC60 Features


From the company that gives you more safety features than any other brand, the XC60 is infused with smart, intuitive innovations. Standard City Safety auto-braking technology helps protect you and those around you. The semi-autonomous drive system let's you follow the traffic flow within the current lane. Pilot Assist provides gentle steering support to help you keep the car within the lane markings while helping you keep your set speed and distance to the vehicle in front of you. Steering support is initiated as soon as Pilot Assist detects the lane markings on both sides of the lane. Pilot Assist steering support is active from standstill up to legal highway speeds. When Adaptive Cruise Control detects a slower vehicle in front, the speed automatically adapts to that vehicle. If the vehicle in front slows down and stops, ACC will make the your vehicle stop comfortably behind it, and then keep the brakes engaged. The driver can adjust time gaps.

City Safety™ is a support system designed to help the driver avoid low speed collisions when driving in slow-moving, stop-and-go traffic. City Safety™ is active from 2.5 mph.It applies the brakes automatically, thereby avoiding or helping to reduce the effects of a collision. The system will not intervene in situations where the driver actively steers the vehicle or applies the brakes. Activates in situations where the driver has not applied the brakes in time, which means that the system cannot help the driver in all situations. All the panels and door sides are padded with energy-absorbing materials to help reduce the risk of injury to the car's passengers.

2018 Volvo XC60 Safety

Make the most of every moment on the road. With new entertainment options and innovative features, the Volvo XC60 is one of the most technologically advanced sedan's in its class. To see how the 2018 XC60 performs on the road, stop by Volvo Cars of Tulsa for a test drive.